Basic Ways To Lose Weight

It seems like there is a never ending quest for the great secret to weight loss. Everything from great grandma’s recipe to modern scientific discoveries have been used and abused in an effort to lose that extra poundage. Advertisements and commercials promise immediate and fully successful weight loss with just the use of a few pills each day. Numerous diet plans are available that supposedly provide the perfect plan for trimming down.

Of course none of these special plans or pills are free, they all come at a price, and often a rather expensive price tag at that! Unfortunately, all too many of these purported weight purging techniques are nothing more than that another technique. There will always be another person with another idea at the expense of a naïve or desperate society.

So, how can a person truly lose weight?

What is the right plan?

We tend to run with greedy eyes to the newest fad, the newest diet, and all too often with great disappointment. Sometimes going back to the basics is the best way to accomplish some of the most formidable feats of life. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a great struggle or costly process. There are some basic ways to lose weight that are both workable and affordable.

First, the right mindset is essential to accomplish any task or goal in life. If I am going to lose those extra pounds, I have to be determined in my own mind that it is something I can and will achieve. Human nature tends to dictate to us that if at first I don’t succeed then I need to simply stop. Weight loss is not an easy task. It takes determination and time. The miracle weight loss programs that make their grandiose claims of phenomenal, and speedy weight loss, are for the most part scams.

Unfortunately, they tend to build a mindset that I will look like that toned actor on television who supposedly used that weight loss product and lost an incredible 50 pounds in an unbelievable short time. I have to remind myself that no one product can really do that, and if I am to lose weight I must be determined that I can do this, but it may take a great deal of dedication and time. The right mindset is the beginning place of losing weight.

Second, a healthy weight loss diet is highly recommended, but not one that requires a drastic reduction of calories. The best rule is to take it easy, and slowly reduce certain foods and calories. As the body begins to lose weight it requires less calorie intake to maintain endurance and good physical health. Yet, this takes time. Once again, patience is going to be a key to success. Make sure that you look carefully at a variety of food plans, and choose one that best fits your needs.

Third, eating right is great, but doing so with no physical activity is senseless. A basic exercise or workout plan is essential to burning those calories and ultimately losing those extra pounds. Start easy and build as your strength and endurance builds. Just as one diet plan is not good for everyone, so no one exercise program will work for everyone. Find a program that works for your particular, weight, age, and time economy then get at it! Make it a routine or habit for your life!

There are many ways to lose weight. Check them out. See what program best meets your needs and set your mind to do it! You must own the program in your mind, will, daily routine, and diet. If you do then you will be on the right path to weight loss.

Home Remedies for Fever

The rise in temperature of human body is known as fever. There are many reasons for Fever such as stress, viral infection, cold and malaria etc. It is believed that fever is not any kind disease but its a body’s response towards possible threats which are present in our body. Fever is also a type of signal which represents that something wrong is going on in our body. However, if fever stays for 2-3 inspite of trying remedies then one should consult doctor immediately as it might be the case of malaria.

Below are some important usefule home remedies for fever which can provide quick relief :

* Whenever you need to drink water, add a pinch of salt to the glass of water and drink till your body temperature gets normal.

* In case of high temperatures, apply cloth piece soaked in mixture of water and salt on the forehead. This will avoid brain fever.

* Consumption of onion juice is believed to be the best treatement of fever.

* Add 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder to 1 glass of milk and mix it gently. Drink it before going to bed, turmeric is very useful due to its antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Turmeric is also best for blood purification.

* Make mixture of mint juice with honey, take both in equal proportion. Consumption of this mixture after every two hours helps in getting quick relief from Pneumonia.

* In case of severe vomitting, consume 1 tablespoon mixture of salt, cumin and lemon juice. This will stop vomitting immediately.

* In case of fever due to cough, consumption of mixture of holy basil juice with honey is very effective. Holy basil is having many health qualities and is used in the form of herbal medicines for many diseases.

* Consumption of mixture of ginger juice, lemon juice, holy basil juice and honey is very effective for treatement of cough, fever and weakness.

* Prepare paste of 10gm holy basil juice with black pepper powder and 1/4 tablespoon of honey. Consumption of this paste twice a day helps in getting quick relief from typhoid fever.

If all above remedies doesn’t seems to be working in 2-3 days then consultation of doctor is highly recommended.

Superfoods To Add To Your Diet: Flax

Flax, also known as linseed. originated from India and has been used since ancient times. It is an annual plant that grows blue flowers with five petals, and can occasionally found in bright red. The fruit is round, brown and glossy and looks much like an apple seed. The seeds and the fibers of this plant are used, both for different purposes.

There are two basic varieties of flax, yellow and brown.

Flax seeds produce oil called flaxseed or linseed oil. It is used as a drying oil in paintings and varnishing. Flax seeds are very healthy and full of fiber and protein. The seeds are often mixed with other foods for an added benefit of fiber and protein. They provide a slightly nutty flavor to the foods to which they are added. The sprouts can also be eaten, and they have a spicy flavor. The sprouts can help to remove bowel obstruction and were added to foods for thousands of years.

Flax seeds have been proven to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The seeds and oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory and laxative. It seems to have a better effect on women. It has been proven to lessen tumors in breasts and prostate. The oil can help to heal burns, and scraped tissues. The oil can also be applied to the chest for colds and coughs. There is new evidence that it can strengthen the immune system.

The flesh of the herb has been used for centuries to make cloth. The plant is harvested and put through a process to make it into a string. It has been used to make cloth and fabrics for thousands of years.

Fruit Benefits : How Fruit Nutrition Benefits Health

Fruits have many benefits for your health and well being, and if eaten regularly can even aid you in losing weight. Mentioned here are some benefits of eating fruits:

Weight control: Fruits help you in losing weight by satisfying your carving for sugars since they are not loaded with calories, they don’t let you gain too much weight

Packed with energy: fruits provide you with much more energy to perform your daily duties and even exercises as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are essential for your health

Lower risk of developing heart diseases: since fruits contain literally no cholesterols, they help maintain ideal levels of cholesterol in the blood, they are also packed full of potassium that is very healthy for the heart. They actually have the potential to lower the risk of heart diseases as well as aiding in lowering blood pressure due to the high potassium content.

May reduce the risks of developing certain cancers: fruits contain a lot of anti oxidants, which help fight cancer producing cells. They also have natural chemicals that may aid in preventing the growth of mutating cells, especially colon cancer cells.

Fruits help in slowing down the aging process: due to the anti-oxidants and vitamins in fruits, they help you stay younger, healthier and stronger. They give you the essential minerals and vitamins that will not let you have deficiencies and thus, have a better and longer life.

How can you incorporate fruits into your diet?

  • Add dried pieces of fruit to your breakfast cereal
  • Make fruit salads, and then refrigerate them
  • Eat apples, bananas, pears, grape fruit or any other seasonal fruit before you go out
  • Drink fruit juices instead of sodas, but always try to make fresh fruit juice.

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