Prevent Osteoporosis

Do not immediately disappointed when the doctor diagnose you with osteoporosis. You can still recover it by starting to make lifestyle changes for healthy bones.

These efforts may indeed not going to help rebuild bone, if associated with age, but at least can slow bone loss. What should be done so that our bones stay strong and healthy, so avoid osteoporosis? Follow these tips:

1. Inadequate doses of calcium daily
Calcium is key to maintaining bone health. Food supplements can be an option, but it is best to try to get calcium through foods Adults should meet 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day, but if you are over 50 years, you need 1,200 mg of calcium every day, and 1,300 mg after menopause. Good food sources of calcium include:

a. Low-fat dairy products like skim milk or ricotta cheese
b. Sardines with bones canned in oil
c. Calcium-fortified juice
d. Green leafy vegetables

2. Inadequate vitamin D needs
Vitamin D helps the body process calcium. The best sources of vitamin D is natural sunlight. 15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is needed every day. However, there are people who should not be exposed to direct sunlight, such as skin cancer patients. They can get vitamin D from supplements. The dose required is about 400 to 800 IU a day. There is also a choice of foods rich in vitamin D:

a. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines
b. Yolk
c. Dairy products

3. Eating fresh produce
Bone health depends on a variety of foods contain different vitamins and minerals. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. According to the study, of 171 adults, shows that those who diligently eating fresh fruits and vegetables is able to retain more calcium in the body.

4. Limit alcohol consumption
Alcohol can impair the body's ability to absorb calcium. So, it is better to avoid or at least reduce consumption of alcohol. Limit caffeinated and carbonated drinks also. Caffeinated and carbonated beverages have a negative impact on the health of your bones.

5. Reduce salt
Eating salty foods cause your body to lose more calcium.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is not contagious, but the cause of death and needed expensive cost for the treatment of patients continue to last a lifetime. Because of increased awareness and early detection will prevent complications of the disease becomes chronic.

According Prof.Dr.dr.Endang Susalit, SpPD-KGH, Faculty of Medicine of the Division of Kidney Hypertension, kidney disease called chronic if the damage has occurred for more than three months and through the inspection proved the existence of structural abnormalities or renal function.

In chronic kidney disease occurs slowly decline in renal function resulting in renal failure which is the toughest stage of chronic kidney disease. If you have reached this stage, patients require renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis (hemodialysis) or renal transplant is expensive.

Kidney weight we have is just 150 grams, or about half of our hands. But the kidney function is very strategic and affect all parts of the body. In addition to regulating body fluid balance, electrolyte, and acid-base, the kidneys will also dispose of metabolic waste that will poison the body, regulate blood pressure and maintain healthy bones.

Recognize the signs

Kidney disease often with no complaints at all, not infrequently a person loses 90 percent of kidney function before you start to feel the complaint. Patients should be wary if you experience symptoms such as high blood pressure, change in amount of urine, blood in urine, swelling in the feet and ankles, weakness and difficulty sleeping, headaches, tightness, and feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Each person can be affected by kidney disease, but they are advised to do the exam early is a person who has obtained a high risk factor, namely those with a family history of high blood, diabetes, heart disease, as well as any family member who expressed doctors kidney pain.

There are several checks that can be done to determine the condition of our kidneys. The most common is the examination of urine. The presence of protein or blood in the urine showed abnormalities of the kidney.

In addition, we also can do blood tests to measure levels of creatinine and urea in the blood. If the kidneys do not work, levels of both substances would be increased in the blood. Further examination to identify abnormalities in the form of radiological examination and renal biopsy. Usually these checks on certain indications and appropriate doctor's advice.

Healthy lifestyle

Kidney disorders can be prevented by various means, particularly by implementing a healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking, watching your cholesterol, control weight, avoid the shortcomings of liquid with enough water to drink no more than 2 liters per day. "Drinking extra water will only damage the kidneys," said Dr.David Manuputty, gas stations from RSCM Jakarta.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, do annual health checks on doctors, ask also that your urine is checked to see any blood or protein in the urine. No less important, be careful in using anti-pain medication in particular types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Alcohol Can Damage Memory

Some men have a bad habit that is difficult once removed. Habits such as drinking coffee, smoking, and the most dangerous is to drink liquor.

Now, women also have started doing those bad habits, just to get the sensation or eliminate stress.

Did you know that drinking alcohol can damage the memory in the brain?

As quoted from Femalefirst, Sunday (08/10/2008), health is very important for every human being. Bad habit of drinking liquor can give a bad influence for activity. Especially at this time many young people who wasted his life by drinking beverages that can be intoxicating.

According to the research that has been done, ages 17-19 years are periods where the brain is still developing rapidly. Young people who consume alcohol tend to have high health risks. In addition to inhibiting the development of memory, hard liquor can damage the function of brain cells.

Secrets of Living Longer and Younger

Want to stay young and reaching the age of over a hundred years? Follow the 10 tips following a healthy lifestyle. The secret is obtained from an opinion poll of 100 people over the age of one hundred years old (centenarians) in the United States.

One tip that most encouraged by this poll are still interacting, close contact with family or friends. Another secret is always working to make the brain and mind is always active and keeps the liver remain happy with a laugh. "If I should leave a message, do not stop to think. Forever," said a woman who has reached 102 years, Maurice Eisman.

While the things that you should always avoid and keep out of life, Eisman said, is the stress. "I think the worst thing is stress, and you can avoid it by managing your life," he said.

From the results of a poll conducted by telephone was revealed that some participants it also has a modern lifestyle. Approximately 19 percent of whom claimed to use mobile phones, 12 percent used the Internet and 3 percent even date someone who is known by chat. A total of 45 percent also know the winner of American Idol 2005, Carrie Underwood.

Asked about favorite celebrities whom they want to invite to dinner if there is an opportunity, most choose the actor Bill Cosby followed by golfer Tiger Woods and presenter Oprah Winfrey. Britney Spears and Howard Stern is also a favorite entry, though his choice at least.

This poll was initiated by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media in April and May in a health coordination programs for the elderly. Because of the centenarians who were included were those whose condition is healthy, the results of this poll may not represent every person in that age range.

Here are 10 tips followed by the percentage of how important meaning for the lives of centenarians:

* Stay close to family and friends: 90%

* Keeping the mind remains active: 89%

* Laugh and have a sense of humor: 88%

* Fixed nurture spirituality or spirituality: 84%

* Continue forward to pass a new day: 83%

* Keep moving and exercising: 82%

* Maintain a sense of freedom: 81%

* Eat healthy: 80%

* Keep following the news and the latest developments: 63%

* Keep looking for new friends: 63%

Benefits of Tea For The Liver

Tea is known as a nutritious beverage. Since ancient times, people are always drinking tea to preserve health. In addition to eliminating hunger tea still keep many secrets. Recently found another one of the properties of tea. That tea was good for heart health.

The findings of a study sponsored by the tea industry is concluded, a glass of tea is very good for the heart. Although these findings have not been able to lift "degrees" of tea as a health food or drink, but the research conducted at Boston University found that tea can make the arteries work better in people who suffer from liver disease.

The results of previous research on tea also concluded that people who drink tea have a lower risk for heart disease than those who rarely drink tea.

In a recent study funded by "The North America Tea Trade Health Research Association" (NATHRA) this, examine some of the people who drink tea regularly, then gauge the effect on the body carefully. And the results of this study were presented at a regular meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) in New Orleans.

The research was conducted on 50 men and women who had this defect. All volunteers were asked to drink tea as much as 4 to 8 cups of tea every day for a month. Next they were asked to drink water every day for another month.

The researchers found the blood flow and blood pressure became normal volunteers while they drank tea for a month. However, when they drink water for a month, no significant changes to their blood pressure and flow.

The results of this study was encouraging for us-we are 'hooked' drinking tea, especially for who have liver disease. but unfortunately, the researchers themselves who 'commanded' by Dr. Joseph A. Vita, not presumptuous to suggest that drinking tea as an effort to cure liver disease.

"I drink tea because I'm sure tea is good for health," says Vita. "But me and my colleagues are still not ready to recommend drinking tea for heart treatment." Said Vita.

The Perfect Diet Plan

It does a much better job of helping individuals know exactly what and how much they should eat, which only makes sense, as a 28-year-old active male will require more calories than a 50-year-old sedentary woman.

While some have criticized the method of delivery (via the Internet) and some lingering difficulty with quantities (how does one convert a slice of bread into ounces, the chosen measurement for grains?), overall, the response to the new pyramid has been positive. The Web site got more than a thousand hits per second on its first day of operation, tallying 60 million hits for the day.

Perhaps most helpful, quantity recommendations have switched from the erroneous "servings" to actual measurements (e.g. cups, ounces etc.), making it easier -- for the most part -- for people to know whether they are eating proper amounts.

With the food categories funneling upward, rather than stacked upon one another, the new pyramid also makes a visual point of including exercise as part of an overall healthy eating plan. In fact, the government beefed up its activity recommendation to 60 to 90 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous exercise for individuals who wish to maintain or lose weight. Thirty minutes of exercise per day is now considered a minimum recommendation for everyone. Body weight is definitely an emphasis of the new guidelines. With 65 percent of Americans ages 20 to 74 overweight (and nearly half of those people classified as obese), the healthcare fallout will be severe unless individuals learn how to improve their diet and exercise habits.

In addition to personalized food and quantity recommendations, the Web site offers these general tips:

  • At least half of your grains should be whole grains. The ingredients list should read "whole wheat" or "whole grain." (Enriched whole wheat flour does not equal whole grain.) If sugar or corn syrup rank high on the ingredients list, try another product.
  • Limit your consumption of saturated and trans fats, refined or added sugars, salt and alcohol.
  • Eat three cups of low or nonfat dairy a day from sources such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese.
  • Look for nutrient-dense foods or foods that offer the greatest nutritional punch for the least amount of calories.
  • Sodium recommendations are only 2,300 milligrams a day, approximately one teaspoon, so look for products that are labeled "no salt added."

Cardiovascular exercise, stretching and strength training are all essential components of a well-rounded workout program. Try the following overhead press to strengthen your deltoid muscles, which shape the shoulders and move the arms.

Begin by holding a pair of light dumbbells in your hands. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees and toes pointing forward. Bend your knees slightly, lift your torso tall, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Bring the weights to your shoulders, with your palms forward.

Exhale as you slowly press the weights directly upward, keeping your shoulders down as your arms move upward. Pause briefly before slowly lowering the weights back to your shoulders. Try to keep your neck relaxed as you raise your arms. Repeat 10 to 12 times before resting. Perform up to three sets for maximum benefits.

The Perfect Diet - Nutrition For Men

The calorie intake must be adjusted to the body’s energy requirements and the professional or athletic activity. Avoid consumption of fried foods. Increase consumption of cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Proteins are necessary for development of muscular mass, and are found in meats, fish, vegetables, eggs and dairy products.

Products rich in complex carbos of slow absorption like five grains or whole-wheat bread, pasta, wild rice and legumes.


  • Moderate the use of saturated fats that obstruct the arteries and cause weight problems.
  • Use olive oil the healthiest fat.
  • Consume fish of the blue fish families and enriched milk in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, with healthy cardiovascular properties.

Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins & minerals are essential for a healthy diet. We advise:

  • Consume 2-3 rations a day of dairy products to proportion the adequate levels of Vitamin D and calcium necessary to bone development.
  • Eat yogurt. In addition to the benefits of calcium and proteins, it also exercises exerts a positive influence on the intestinal flora, favoring the intestinal transit and improving the body’s defenses.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables. These are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The consumption of citric fruits will provide a good quantity of Vitamin C. Smokers need more Vitamin C than others as smoking eliminates this vitamin quickly.
  • Reduce the intake of SALT (sodium) to prevent hypertension.
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin E (olive oil, wheat germ) and Selenium (shell fish, blue fish, whole wheat cereals) that act as antioxidants and prevent cancer and other chronic maladies.
  • Eat a sufficient amount of zinc, typically found in oysters, cauliflower and mushrooms. This mineral is especially good for the development and functioning of the sexual organs. It acts as an antioxidant and helps prevent cancer.

Eat whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to avoid constipation.

Drink from 1,5 to 2 liters of water per day to hydrate the body and eliminate toxins. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, especially in the morning. It will help to evacuate the intestine.

Hair Loss Reasons, Remedies and Solutions

Why do some people lose hair?

In the normal hair growth cycle, it is normal for some hair to shed, while most of the hair is growing on you scalp. Some people lose more hair than others, and this can be a cause for concern in most people. Men and women both can suffer from this condition. A number of contributing factors are responsible forhair loss, mentioned here are a few of them:

Stress and illness:

Stress and illness can cause some hair loss in a person, but this is usually temporary. When the body goes though an illness, it becomes weak and takes time to recover. During this period hair loss can occur but this usually stops once full health is regained.

Hormonal imbalances:

If a person suffers from an underactive or an overactive thyroid glad, hair loss can occur. Hair loss can also occur if the female hormone estrogen or the male androgens are imbalanced. For hormone related hair loss, usually hormone imbalance treatments may stop such hair loss.

Hair loss after pregnancy:

Many women feel that they are losing their hair around 3-6 months after their pregnancy. This is the hair that would’ve been lost normally over the 9 month period and it falls off as soon as the normal cycle of growth and loss resumes.


Some medicines can also contribute to hair loss. Usually this kind of hair loss stops once you discontinue the medicines. Some medicine that cause hair loss are: blood thinners, high blood pressure medication, Vitamin A excess, Birth control pills, anti depressants and medicines used to treat gout. Chemotherapy is a well known reason for hair loss, and hair usually grown back once the treatment stops.

Infections and diseases:

Certain fungal infections of the scalp can also cause hair loss, and this kind of hair loss stops once the infection is treated.

Beauty Tips: Five Important Beauty Tips For Women

Beauty does not necessarily come from the usage of expensive cosmetics and skin treatments. You can use these easy to follow beauty tips and bring out your natural beauty with the help of these excellent beauty tips which will allow you to look stunning!

Get enough sleep:

8 hours of sleep every night is a must. The body needs this time period for the production and regeneration of many substances which cannot take place otherwise. Ample amount of sleep every night will also prevent the formation of dark circles or eye bags, which in some cases cannot be concealed even with the help of makeup. The key to looking fresh and healthy is as simple as getting a good night’s sleep.

Drink plenty of water:

For a healthy, glowing skin you must drink plenty of water. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can give you a perfect, flawless skin which will not require any artificial beauty enhancement.

Cut down on oils and fats:

A balanced diet which consists of all basic nutrients and minerals required by the body is absolutely essential, but for a perfect, acne free skin, cut down on fried and oily foods entirely. This will prevent oily skin and acne.

Wome Beauty Tips: Look Younger

Protect your skin:

Always wear sun block that suits your skin when out in the sun in order to prevent sun burns and uneven tans. Apart from looking unattractive, these tans take a considerable period of time in vanishing. Also, avoid direct exposure to dust, dirt and pollution.

Include plenty of greens in your diet:

It is true that every single fruit and every single vegetable has unique benefits of its own. Fruits and vegetables are full of important minerals and vitamins that can do you a world of good.

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