3 Powerful Skipping Rope Exercises

If you're like the rest of the clan, skipping is probably not a big part of your workout routine. I'm not here to ask you why this is the case; I'm here to show you why you're missing out on a powerful form of training. The benefits of skipping rope are simply too immense to, well, skip out on.

Jumping rope requires some serious concentration. It takes timing and rhythm. Then there's the need for balance and coordination. It takes serious focus. But more so than anything, skipping requires a good deal of cardiovascular endurance.

If these are things that you are lacking on, it might be time to pick up a rope.

Jumping rope has always been a huge part of my training routine and I've been doing it for a long time. The one thing I've noticed over the years is that the repetitive nature of jumping rope tends to make things a little boring and stagnant. I'm sure some of you have experienced the same thing.

My solution to this? Include some variation.

There are many of jump rope variations you can take advantage of to charge up your cardio workouts. Variations can be in the timing or the pace. It can be in the foot patterns or even the hand placement.

Here are three of my favorite skipping rope exercises that you can introduce into your workout today:

Side Swings

Learning how to side swing the rope is important for transitioning from one skipping rope exercise to the next. It's a great exercise for relieving stress from your arms without requiring you to stop skipping. Simply move both hands to one side of your body and let the rope follow.

Double Jumps

Double jumps require some serious effort. The idea here is for every one jump you make you have to turn the rope twice. You'll really have to push the pace of the rope here to make it go around twice in time. Once you can do this comfortably, you can work towards triple jumps.

Running in One Spot

I always use this variation to end my skipping workouts. I can go full speed and really push the limit. With this variation, aim to get the pace really fast. Running in one spot turns into stutter steps as you push your pace. When your timing, rhythm and fitness improve you won't be able to see the rope move how fast it's going.

I advise you not to miss out on skipping. The results you'll see will blow your mind.

Skipping is a truly powerful form of training. If you want to push yourself further, I've created a more in-depth list of skipping rope exercises you can take advantage of.

Getting the Best Result From Doing Sit Ups

Sit ups are a great addition to exercise routines that need to be done correctly otherwise it will be a waste of time. What is the right way to do this exercise for a person to get the best results? The exercise is a significant exercise routine done by body builders. Type of exercise must be done right to benefit from it. Doing the exercise the wrong way results fatigue and injures one's back.

The right way of doing this exercise

• A person lies completely flat on a padded surface
• The knees are then bend to make an angle of 90 degrees • The feet are kept at shoulder distance apart and flat on the ground • Keep hands parallel to the floor, on chest or rest fingers on the back of the head • Raise torso towards the knees, making sure to use abdominal muscles • The position should be held when at approximately 40-50 degrees above the surface for 5 seconds • Rise back to the surface slowly • Exhale when going up and inhale when returning to the surface • Repeat five times, at the beginning stage but there is room for increase to more number 0f repetition depending on one's ability

Getting the best results

There are some things a person should do to optimize sit up exercises. These include:

• The speed of the movement in this exercise even if increased produces no definite improvements to the body.
• Doing sit ups with someone holding your fit firmly increases the exercise results on the body • The movement of the sit up exercise should be kept as slow as possible and jerking avoided. • Once a person feels comfortable with the current sit up being undertaken, the intensity can then be increased. • Avoid doing this exercise with legs stretched straight because it has the possibility of causing injury to back of a person. • Doing the exercise on a full stomach is not recommended because of the possibility of throwing up. • It is not beneficial for a person to do accompanying twists of the left knee and right elbow • Bend knees to avoid the influence of the hip flexors while in action • Don't interlock fingers behind the head while doing sip ups. • It is recommended a person takes half a minute gap between the sit ups set • To get desired results, a person is supposed to do sit ups regularly.

This exercise aims at strengthening a person's abs.

Workout Routines for Building Muscle

When building muscles through workouts, it is important all muscle groups of the body are targeted equally for a proper and proportionate growth of the body. People wish to have large muscles and cut out physique. This can be a reality if one practices workouts that concentrate on all muscle groups, giving equal opportunities for their development while performing. These workouts won't produce results immediately and therefore require patience and enthusiasm from you. A workout routine is required in this case so that one performs his/he exercises in a disciplined way. Workout routines to build a person's muscle are usually intense and long to increase strength of muscles and improve the overall development of the body.

A beginner's muscle-building routine

A beginner can follow a workout routine for a perfect shape and not necessarily increase body muscle and size. An exercise for all muscle groups would ensure all muscle groups become accustomed to the muscle-building exercises. A person starting any workout should ensure he/she starts out on a proper warm up for all body parts. The session for warm up could stay for about 15 to 20 minutes. Examples of these exercises include running, walking, and jogging among others. These activities energize muscles to get them ready for a workout.

Workout for triceps

Double bar triceps dips

· A double bar is hold on with palms facing each other. Body is supported by holding on to the bar.

· Move downwards slowly, bending a little to provide support for the back. One should remain in this position for a while.

· Repeat the whole process.

Triceps Presses

· Standing in front of overhead pulley, attach to it a bar.

· Fix weight clip, the bar is then held from above with both hands

· The bar is moved down completely before bringing it up slowly

Lying Barbell Extensions

· One lies down on the back on flat bench

· A barbell is then held on hand, hands facing upwards.

· Slowly bend the elbows to follow motion of an arc, keep the barbell an inch from above forehead

· Come back to original position.

Bicep Workout

Bicep curls

· Stand erect

· Hold a barbell that has attached weights,

· Lift the barbell to the shoulders, then bring down slowly

Incline Bicep curls

· Sit on incline bench

· Hold dumbbells each on a hand

· Lift either dumbbell to the shoulder height

· Bring down slowly

· Repeat the same for the other hand.

Concentration curl with dumbbell

This exercise is among the most popular and effective with use of dumbbells for both women and men.

· Sit upright on a bench or chair with the legs spread apart and the dumbbell right put on the right arm.

· Bend slightly to comfortably place the right elbow on the right thigh.

· Take the right lower arm to rest on the right thigh

· Hold dumbbell in the right hand so that it faces you.

· Place the left hand on the left knee so that to maintain the balance while performing the exercise.

This bicep exercise is started by slowly curling the right lower arm upwards towards shoulders. Performing concentration curls requires that you concentrate on bicep muscles, ensuring that the area of your arm is the one being worked on.

Tips for Exercising During Holidays and Vacations

'Do I need to exercise while I am on vacations?' 'Are vacations and holidays not meant to be fun and carefree?' 'Why should I do the same routine workouts on my vacations when I am supposed to be doing other better things?' These are common questions that come to our minds when we plan our vacations, holidays and other travels. For many people who are serious about their health, doing regular exercises while travelling can sometimes be challenging. But a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise if they are planned well and the traveler makes best use of the available time.

Travelling for hours at a stretch (flying, car, bus, train or cruise) can be tiring and hard on the body. The long hours of sitting, especially in cramped airplanes or cars can cause poor circulation, fatigues and aches and pains. Hence, simple exercises can help you reduce your aches and pains and give you a sense of relaxed feeling.

In this article, I present some tips that can be useful for exercise-conscious travelers when they do not have right place and time to exercise.

In the airplane

If you have to wait long hours in transit, it is a good idea to go for a walk in the terminal. It kills time and at the same time helps burn some calories.Also walk up or down the stairs instead of taking escalator.

Because there is very little room to move, the easiest exercises to do are stretching and isometric exercises. These exercises can be done even on your seat. These include knee raises while being seated, squats, walking up and down the aisle, shoulder shrugs, arm swings, raising arms, and neck stretches. You can do leg exercises by raising them from the ground while seated, using the calf muscles. If you put a weight on your lap and try to raise it, it becomes a harder exercise. Ankle stretches can be done by planting the heels on the ground and raising the toes as high as possible. Rotating each foot in turn also stretches the ankle and helps relieve stiffness of the joint.

  • Arching the body backwards and forwards is good for your back. The neck can be exercised by moving it gently from side to side, or bending the head forward, than rotating it.
  • To exercise your hands and arms, squeeze a ball or pair of socks with your hands.
  • These days many airplanes announce exercise time on their TV on a regular basis. You can follow those exercises as well. These exercises are good for preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • Walk in the aisle every hour or two. This will relax your back and neck and help circulation.

At your destination

Once you reach your destination, you can do many other exercises like push-ups, squatting, abdominal exercises, and calf raise. Stretching exercises strengthens the joints, muscles and bones and also helps pain of arthritis. Stair climbing is another exercise that strengthens joints, muscles and bones.

  • In hotel or motel, if there is a gym, make use of the gym facility.
  • Remember to wear sneakers or carry them in your travel bag. They can be handy as and when you need them and they are good for your feet and back. You can also wear clothing that can double as workout gear.
  • Walking on the beach is one of the best exercises and burns more calories than walking on the flat ground.Make sure you do not overdo when you start.
  • Beach volleyball is another exercise that is fun as well as burns calories.Besides, you can involve all members of your group or meet other people and have fun.
  • Swimming is a very good exercise for all ages. Make best use of the swimming facility in the hotels.
  • Surfing and snorkeling are also good exercises but may demand more physical fitness than swimming.
  • Bike ride is another family exercise. You can tour the local area with your family and burn some calories at the same time.
  • Hiking is a good exercise if you are fit and looking for a bit of adventure and burn more fat at the same time.
  • Tennis and golf are other games if you have time and you are on leisure trip.
  • Going for brisk walk in the morning or even shopping are easy to do exercises.
  • If possible, exercise at least for 20-30 minutes daily.

Exercise At Work

Many people are aware that they need to exercise more, and that fitness should be one of their major goals as they live a mostly inactive life style. While it is true that too many people do not do as much as they need to about their personal fitness for a variety of reasons, the number one reason most people give is that they lack the time necessary to commit to a routine.

Luckily, there are many simple and easy ways to alter a person's daily style to make room for more physical fitness activities that may look nothing like traditional exercise workouts. These easy, low impact stretches and personal space changes can add up to a large overall change in how a person lives and how much energy they spend every day.

A popular way to increase how much calories are burned daily is by incorporating certain specific exercise at work moves to a daily routine. These simple stretches and adjustments can be as easy to do as parking a bit farther from the entrance or taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator but can add up to many more hundreds of calories burned daily, even enough to become overall more healthy and fit.

Most people work very hard but do not work jobs that are physically demanding or hard, and instead, the overwhelming majority of people who work spend that time in an office or seated at a computer. This can cause a range of bodily problems ranging from eye strain due to inadequate or too bright lighting to migraines, back pain, and obesity.

It is true that some companies do sponsor specific gym areas where their employees can work out but these are fairly few and far in between. For most people, they will have to take the initiative to make their work space a healthier place and one more attuned to creating a healthier and more fit body.
For this reason, many experts suggest in investing in a ergonomically designed computer chair that will support and promote a proper body posture. Along with this, it is very important to make sure that the person takes small breaks during the day.

A simple way to arrange this is to set up a personal timer that reminds the person to stand up and walk for five minutes every hour while at work. This time can be used up going down a flight of stairs and back up and in many cases is not something that would disturb the general work flow of the area itself. The benefits are not only personal as the person will experience greater energy and renewed commitment.

Time is an issue in today's busy lifestyle and few people can afford the time to set up a proper, traditional routine for their daily health. Luckily, with a few simple changes, even the busiest person can become healthier, stronger, and more energized as they still manage to pull off those long workdays

Why You Should Change Your Workout Routine

Is your workout routine getting stale and boring? Are you dreading going to the gym? If this is the case then you probably need to change your workout routine.

We all have our exercise habits. We warm up for 10 minutes before we workout. We then go to our stepping class or aerobics class for 60 minutes. After we complete our class maybe we cool down by using an elliptical for another 10 minutes. It is sort of like rinse, cycle and repeat. The workout becomes boring and we decide not to go because we are bored.

If I just described your workout then you probably need to change your fitness program. Many people are accustomed to doing the same fitness program day in and day out. We enjoy the stability of workout. Besides we do not like change because change can be difficult.

Change Fitness Plan Today

Change your fitness plan today by doing the opposite of what you currently do each day. Workout on your own if you usually go to a stepping or biking class each day. Maybe lift weights or run around the track instead of attending a class.

Now if you currently lift weights the obvious choice would be to join a class for a week or two. The idea is to change your routine. By changing your fitness program you will regain your enthusiasm for the old fitness program. Another benefit is you have added a new workout you can use occasionally.

Do You Like to Eat Same Food Everyday

The #1 reason why I change my fitness program has to do with eating. Do I like to eat steak? Yes. Would I get bored of steak if I ate it everyday? Yes. Well the same thing goes for your fitness program. Too much of a favorite food is the same as using the same fitness program everyday. After a certain amount of time we will not like the sight of steak or our fitness program.

Make the decision today to do a completely different exercise routine. By making the change you will notice increased stamina and energy from doing something completely different. It is funny because I will see women and men at the gym riding the bike or using and elliptical machine for the same 30 to 60 minutes day in and day out.

I want to smack them upside the head and ask them why they keep doing the exact same workout everyday. They look bored and tired. Some even look as if they are putting in time in jail. They methodically workout for their time and get off machine and then head home. How fun can that be?

Action Item: Go lift weights if you never lifted weights. If you always lift weights go run around the track or join a class. Try something you never did before. If you do not like the new fitness program then go back to your old fitness program. Remember we can change our workout routine anytime we want.

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