Benefits of Seaweed for the Heart

The heart is one of the most important organ in the body and is the main motor in the blood drainage. Therefore, maintaining heart health is important. Efforts that can be done is by avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, a balanced diet and regular exercise.

One other way that may potentially help heart health is the consumption of seaweed. Scientists have identified that the algae (seaweed) have great potential as a food that is heart healthy.

Article published the Journal of Agricultural and food chemistry states, seaweed can compete with dairy products as sources of nutrients called "bioactive peptides".

Researchers consisting of Dr. Mary Hayes, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Eimear Gallagher, and Deniz Tasdemir of the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland conducted a study on the utilization of seaweed as a source of protein that has properties such as bioactive peptides.

"Bioactive peptides" which are found in dairy products, not only provides nutrients, but also has the same effect with the drug and prevent certain diseases.

Seaweed is also known by the name of the macroalga an alternative food source rich in nutrients. Communities in East Asia and other cultures for centuries been eating seaweed.

Review of 100 studies concluded that seaweed contains a protein that works like boiactive peptides in dairy products. Bioactive peptides are useful for lowering blood pressure and almost the same as the ACE inhibitors that are popular.

"Various species marcoalga and the environment in which they are located and the ease of cultivation make seaweed is relatively unexplored as a new bioactive compounds. It should be more efforts to harness its potential to be used and marketed consumer food products," researchers said in a report.

Eating Fish For Health

Fish, including the "seafood" other, are healthy foods low in saturated fat, high protein, and is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish diet as well for extra rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to keep the body healthy. People who frequently eat fish tend to eat less meat and cheese.

Some healthy ways to include fish in your diet program in a manner which can be baked, boiled, and steamed. Fish is highly recommended by many health experts as food with health benefits are complex.

Here are some benefits you can get by eating fish.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish has been proven beneficial for the heart, arteries, and veins that make up your cardiovascular system. Consumption of fish may help prevent heart disease and heart failure by preventing the accumulation of triglycerides, reduced levels of excess triglycerides, increase HDL (good cholesterol), and prevents blood clotting. Studies by experts from the Harvard School of Public Health concluded, eating up to two servings of fish a week can reduce the risk of death from heart disease tripled.

2. Lowering blood pressure

Fish oil is very useful for lowering blood pressure, but their role in prevention is unclear. However, mengasup many fish oil is not recommended.

3. Lose weight

According to a study conducted at the University of Georgia, fish oil with DHA to help stop the conversion of pre-fat cells into fat cells, thereby reducing overall fat accumulation. Previous studies also showed that consumption of fish oil capsules followed by exercising effectively lose more fat than exercising but without the intake of fish oil supplements.

4. Reduce the risk of cancer

Omega 3 in fish have been shown to help prevent the three most common types of cancer, namely breast cancer, colon, and prostate. Fish oil supplements can also help patients suffering from hyperlipidemia.

5. Improve brain function

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish may help your brain development. Intake of omega-3 right can help improve mental focus in children and adults. A new study shows that fish oil supplements can improve memory in adults. The researchers also discovered the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish improve brain development in infants and children.

6. Fight inflammation

Fish, particularly fish oil, have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the fish is effective in reducing inflammation in blood and tissues. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, are found in fish oils and have a very positive effect on the inflammatory response that is helpful in reducing arthritis, prostatitis (prostate inflammation), and cystitis (bladder inflammation).

7. Healthy eyes

Consumption of fish is very good because they have the ability to improve vision. Fish can fight macular degeneration (central retina), glaucoma and dry eye syndrome. A new study finds that people who eat at least two servings of fish per week are less likely to experience related macular degeneration (the leading cause of age-related blindness) than those who ate no fish at all. Researchers say the omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of inflammation and improving blood vessel function.

8. Skin care

Consumption of fish helps keep skin in good condition. According to a study published in the Journal of Lipid Research, omega-3 fatty acid EPA found in fish oil can help prevent wrinkles and delay the aging process of skin. In fact, according to several recent studies, fish oil supplements can keep the skin from damage caused by sun exposure.

9. Overcoming depression

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to reduce depression and anxiety. Studies have found that people who eat lots of fish have lower levels of depression.

Maintain Body Weight to Stay Healthy

Keeping achievements more difficult than the pursuit of achievement in itself. Managed through diet with intake of foods that make your scales are at secure numbers certainly a very proud achievement, especially if your body is getting formed by diligent exercise.

Well the thing is, how to keep your weight and body shape you have an ideal stay awake for a long time. Because it is not uncommon some women get fat again gained weight even more than before the diet. In order for your diet is not a yo-yo dieting, then you should stick with these ways.

Surviving On Diet

This is what makes the numbers scale with your friends. A diet that you live on a diet aimed at improving the body's metabolism and keep all the nutrients that you consume. Healthy? Of course. So here's the mind set that you should cultivate. Healthy diet you will have an impact on your health, if the bonus is the ideal body shape, it is indeed a bonus that you deserve.

Variation Sports

In order for your whole body gets the same sport intake, vary the exercise you take. When these two weeks you have been satisfied to swim, try changing your workouts on a treadmill for a week. You can also try cardio workouts to optimize work of the heart and your breathing. Exercise not only to expel the fat that accumulates on the hips instead?

Friendly With Mineral Water

Your eyes will be tempted to see rows of cold soft drinks sold by hawkers on the roadside. Juice packaging is often claimed to healthy, but if you return the material manufacturer, often it is only water, sugar, and food flavorings. But not good for health, beverage packaging will increase the intake of calories from sugar.

To avoid the great temptation, bring in bottled mineral water you can bring from home. In addition to healthier and help reduce hunger, you can save money by buying bottled drinks.

Snacking? Who's Afraid

Do not assume that snacking will make you fat. You will be obese if you are a fried snack, snack 'mild' with a big calorie that did not feel or a plate of delicious dumplings that are calorie-laden snacks. All you have to consider is your snack choices.

Please try it, you eat bengkoang, fresh carrot or apple as a snack and your friends are eating food 'light' in the same amount. Within a month, see who still singset and who have been stretched due to a snack 'mild'. So? Have a snack with a choice of menu rich in fiber and healthy.

Never Too Tight In Yourself

When the weekend arrives. Please try a serving of steak or pizza in small portions. Take it easy, if you know the extent to which you can enjoy a meal, you will not be heavy. A piece of pizza will not make you fat, but a medium-size pizza seloyang you spend alone will damage the diet for months you have lived.

How to Add Weight

For men, increasing body weight can be a serious problem. The only way to add weight is to exercise and eat more stringent. Well, here will be revealed ten nutrition rules that you should follow so as to increase the weight of your body without adding too much fat.

1. Eat a lot

Here's how it works: If you are exercising but not too put on weight, probably because you lack enough to eat. How do you expect your body to gain weight if you do not consume enough calories to your body's calorie-burning rate per day?

For most men, you should consume at least 10 calories perpon your body weight just to maintain your current body weight. Meanwhile, to add weight to your body, you should consume at least 500 more calories than your usual calorie intake. The more you eat, the greater the likelihood your body weight increase. You should choose a selective consumption of food that you want so it can add quality weight without consuming too much fat.

2. Eat more often

Eat more often associated with eating more because, logically it, the more food you eat, the more calories you can. Eating more frequently will also help your digestion. It's obviously easier to chew snacks contain 500 calories each instead of four large meals of 100 calories each.

Moreover, if eat something in large portions, some foods are not processed correctly due to lack of hormones in your metabolism. The advantages of this potentially eat into fat in the middle of his journey. So bear in mind is, by eating more, you will automatically gain some weight from fat.

Do not forget if you eat less, you lead a longer period of each meal, insulin and concentration of nutrients causing you to fall, an effect disturb your body's metabolism.

3. Eat with the right proportions

Proteins are the main barriers neuromuscular and nutrients essential to increase body weight and build muscle mass. But you also have to obtain the amount of carbohydrate and fat enough. The recommended proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is approximately 50:35:15. This proportion can be applied to all of the diet without thinking of the total caloric intake.

4. Calorie-dense foods

Always try to eat calorie-dense foods. Look at this as something that is more efficient. More calories you get from food pergramnya, the more okay it is, because you do not have to eat less. It will also make you hungry faster. For example: try to reduce your consumption of vegetables because of the low calorie content and 80% of vegetables consists of water. But try to eat red meat, eggs and tuna. Those who want to be fat is also an effective source that will help you improve your overall caloric intake.

5. Do not forget multivitamins

Calorie-dense foods usually lack micronutrients such as vitamins, water and certain minerals. To avoid this micro nutrient deficiencies, eat a multivitamin every day. Vitamins are needed to maintain optimal levels of micronutrients, and eat between meals you to speed up digestion.

6. Nutrition after exercise

After exercising, the level of macro nutrients your body is reduced and the nerve muscle you need a refresher. This caused food after exercise is an important food every day for those who want to increase body weight. Always try to eat within one hour after exercise for optimal results. Your body has the capacity to absorb more protein at that moment than any other time. In general, you should try to consume 45-50 grams of protein and exaggerated 1.5 times the amount of carbohydrates you after each time you exercise.

7. Sleep when your stomach is full

The second most important meal of the day is that you eat before bed. The average man burns 67 calories per hour during sleep. So if you used to sleep eight hours, try to consume at least 536 calories before going to bed. There is a general belief that whatever you eat before bed will turn into fat, but this is not entirely correct. Surely, if you eat a Big Mac before bed, it will be stored as fat. Better-quality protein drink mix, because it is low in fat and carbohydrate content only.

8. Love the meat

Simple really, if you want to be fat, you need to eat meat. Meat is rich in protein, natural source of creatine is good and has lots of calories.

9. Drinking a lot

Water, juice, and milk. Drinking is the key to increase body mass, because 60% of our body is water. You lose water through sweat or urine, and this water will increase the body weight decreased drastically with thirst. So make sure you drink lots of water. Drinking water will help you improve the digestive system, while filled with milk and juice quality protein will provide essential sugars needed by your body.

10. Increase your caloric intake gradually

Gradually your body will get used to increased calorie consumption. Try to increase the caloric intake per day to 125 to 250 calories until you reach the weight you desire.

Choosing Health Insurance For Your Family

Health insurance today is not a familiar object. Almost all banking institutions have a health insurance package.

However, there is a mistaken belief in some communities about health insurance. That is the premium we pay is regarded as money lost. Fortunately, not all think so. Most of the people of Indonesia have started literacy of the importance of health insurance. In general, health insurers will bear the risks we experience in terms of health.

Vigilant in choosing. Typically, for employees, private firms typically include staff working place in health insurance. In addition to Social Security programs (social security), not infrequently also included in the employee health insurance are selected according to company policy. For those who are civil servants), are automatically enrolled in health insurance coverage who fronted the government.

Meanwhile, for family members who have not covered health insurance, should not be forgotten. We recommend that you include in your other health insurance programs to suit the needs of families. Because bejibun insurance companies with the lure of an attractive offer, do not let one choose the insurance that does not suit your needs.

Before dropping the option, first learned a few alternatives offer health insurance. Consider carefully so as not grumpy later because of disappointment with a product that is not appropriate. Among them, know how long the insurance company has long standing and reputable insurers in dealing with its members. Such as ease of payment and the handling of claims.

Do not hesitate when digging for information from health insurers regarding the products will be selected. From this information, you will be able to obtain a picture of the capital strength of insurance companies. And tpaling important is to choose the package that really fits your family's needs. For example, check on claims of labor if your wife is pregnant, or check is also about the small claims compulsory immunization in the first year. With foresight, you can get the optimum benefit from the health insurance of your choice.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

According to statistics, approximately 17.5 million people per year die from diseases that attack the heart and blood vessels. World Health Organization (WHO) declared even chronic diseases like heart disease the leading cause of death in the world.

The high statistics are indeed a cause. Opportunities for coronary heart disease can be from different angles, both of which can not be avoided, such as genetic factors, to which risk factors are controlled, such as smoking and diet.

What can make, medical affairs is always competing with his tongue. Foods high in sugar, salt, fiber, saturated fat and excess could be the entrance to the heart and blood vessel disorders.

In a study conducted in the United States against the 87 230 respondents mentioned, the stroke risk 44 percent higher among those who like to eat fatty foods.

According to Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, SpGK, a nutritionist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, the Indonesia-fat consumption is very high. Unfortunately, the consumption of fat was derived mostly from the bad fats.

"People Indonesia get the bad fats from fried foods especially. Basically, vegetable oils are unsaturated fats, but the process of heating oil in the high temperatures that turn them into saturated fats," he said on the sidelines of the launch of Philips Airfryer, tools fry without oil, in Jakarta, Friday (07/22/2011).

Fried foods can not be denied is still a favorite food community in the country. Therefore, according to Fiastuti, increased awareness of healthy food needs to be improved.

"Increasing intake of fibrous foods and reduce foods containing oils and fats can be one step to get a healthy heart," he said.

Currently, Philips has just introduced a tool for frying without the need for additional cooking oil. According to Rudi Ashari, Brand Development Manager PT Philips Indonesia, Philips Airfryer using technology that combines rapid water rapidly circulating hot air and a grill element to produce fried foods.

The innovative technology also allows the food to be fried until the temperature reaches 200 degrees Celsius even without oil. "With this tool, the fat content in foods can be reduced by 80 percent without reducing the typical crispy fried," he said.

Benefits of a Healthy Sex

Sex is not only important to maintain healthy relationships but also a fun way to stay healthy. Therefore do not let passion fade so that you and your spouse can benefit a healthy following.

Increase confidence

Having confidence is not only important to you but also those around. How can you look yourself in the world will determine how you interact with others either in social or work relationships.

Having sex in a way that you want will help us be happier. Together with someone who loves and accepts you as is certainly going to increase confidence.

Reduce stress

Prolonged stress (chronic) negative impact on health. In addition to reducing the immune response, stress will also increase blood pressure and make us susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Sex is fun and done regularly has been shown to lower blood pressure and makes us able to face problems that contribute to stress. Sex with a partner also makes communication more smoothly so you can both express your feelings.

Burn calories

Sexual intercourse can be categorized into the sport because it can burn 90 calories in half an hour.

Strengthening relationships

Berintim-intimate in bed will cause an increase in certain hormones, including when you and your partner perform intimate conversation after sex. The hormone oxytocin is important is often called the "love hormone". This hormone is necessary to strengthen the bond of love with your partner.

Preventing prostate cancer

Several studies have shown men who frequent ejaculation (about 5 times a week) are more rarely affected by prostate cancer. Own ejaculation process, involving the prostate, is actually the product from the body that can cause cancer.

Heart healthy

Sex has been mentioned, including physical activity can burn calories. Even men who are elderly do not have to worry about having a heart attack or stroke as long as sex is done slowly. Making love regularly (2-3 times a week) mentioned can reduce the risk of heart attack in elderly men.

Reduce pain

Suffering from chronic pain can reduce the quality of life and make the body more vulnerable to stress, insomnia and even depression. Events and regular hot lovemaking that can be done to avoid the use of painkillers. Research shows the hormone oxytocin and endorphins are released during sex can relieve pain by lowering the perception of pain signals from the troubled areas of the body.

Help you sleep soundly

After "fighting" in bed with your partner's body will become more relaxed so sleep more soundly. This has to do with increased hormone oxytocin and endorphins after orgasm.

Drinking Enough Water For Your Health

The opposite of what is believed to have been, some health experts say that drinking eight glasses of water a day does not always make us healthier. However, it does not mean we should drink eight glasses for less than eight glasses were sometimes not enough to avoid dehydration in certain circumstances.

Then how do I determine how much water should we drink? Is it only when we feel thirsty to drink, or stick with the rule of eight glasses?

Actually, the fluid needs of each human being is different, depending on activity level, weather, environmental conditions, even the treatment that we are doing. Knowing how the situation affects fluid needs can help you stay hydrated. There's no point are also drinking more water just because we are required to so. Can-can, you even bothered because every 10 minutes should go to the toilet.

Basically, to find out whether or not drinking enough, you can listen to signals from the body, such as thirst. Lack of fluid in light levels can be felt through the mouth and lips are dry, like a gummy mouth, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, headaches, or heart rate increased.

Mild dehydration can also be seen from the color of urine is dark and smells very sharp. Indeed there are other things that cause changes in urine, such as medicines, food, or beverages (eg asparagus, or beer). The volume of urine is very little throughout the day are also often caused by lack of fluids.

Such conditions should not be ignored, especially if you have two or more symptoms. Although light levels, when frequent, can increase the risk of health problems such as heartburn, constipation, kidney stones and even kidney failure.

To recover from mild dehydration, drink water slowly or gradually. Or, the consumption of pure fruit juice until his thirst is lost. You do not have to rely on water alone to cope with dehydration, but also from fruit or vegetables. Fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumber, and broccoli, 90 percent consists of water. While carrots, oranges, apples, grapes, and potatoes contain about 80 percent water. Bunch of bananas or two servings of other fruits will help restore the lost minerals from your body.

When the condition of the body healthy, drink eight glasses of water will not adversely affect anything. However, keep in mind that fluid requirements can be different on each person. Drink as much as you can afford, and watch your intake of fluids when the weather is hot, heavy exercise, or illness. Paying attention to body condition can help you determine if you need to increase fluid intake or not.

Many Benefits of up in the Morning Early

Although it looks trivial, the habit of waking up seems to still be an obstacle for many people. In fact, many of the benefits to be gained by early risers. There is even a saying, those who succeed are those who are accustomed to waking early.

The idea to get up early and start the activity before sunrise is the desire of many people, but very few people who can really turn it into a habit. In fact, some philosophers say, to get up early, someone will be more productive.

1. Jumpstart: If you wake up at 5:00, you will begin to start the day earlier than most people in the world. There is no better way to start your day than to wake up.

2. Sports: Early in the morning is an excellent time to exercise. The earlier you wake up, the more calories you can burn all day and you will always feel healthy. Research has also shown that people who exercise in the morning tends to be more consistent in maintaining their body fitness.

3. Meditation: Meditation has many health benefits, including stimulating the emotional balance and reduce stress. If you start the day with meditation, you will receive the balance of the day, while enhancing your life. Meditate in the morning is also good to relax your brain so you can really focus on yourself.

4. Increase productivity: Wake up early gives you more momentum. Starting something early will make your day longer and you can finish your job on time. So there will be no problems and stress in performing their daily work.

5. Enjoy the sunrise: Those who are accustomed to sleeping late will never be able to enjoy the greatest beauty of nature, the sunrise. There is no better way of welcoming the day with a sunrise view.

6. Breakfast: A lot of people never took time for breakfast. In fact, breakfast is the most important time for someone to fill the manpower to support all sorts of activities. Breakfast also allows you to have more concentration.

7. Free jam: If making a long distance to work / school, you need not worry too late. Because, with waking up early, less likely you are stuck in traffic.

8. Spare time: Get up early to give a lot of free time for yourself so that you can do other activities in the rest of your unused time.

Instilling these habits is not easy. However, after applying it in a few days, your sleep patterns will change and eventually you'll get used to. But to remember is you have to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Get Rid of Belly Fat

According to health experts, Kathleen M. Zerban, streamline diet will get rid of belly fat in the abdomen 15 pounds (please convert it into kg: 12 pounds = about 5.5 kg) within 32 days. Another bonus, this diet can streamline the stomach makes your body more healthy.

In this diet program, you only need to be asked for discipline. "The key to streamlining the stomach is very simple diet. Choosing the right food intake and metabolism to speed up the fat in the abdomen can be quickly reduced, "explains Max Segal, a health professional. Interested in proving the benefits of this diet? More simply follow the guidelines below! And just wait amazed stares from people around you.

Here are tips on diet / way to belly that can streamline your practice:

1. Choose the Best Fat
Not always the fat should be restrictions on when you're dieting to shrink the stomach. As proof, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, director of nutrition at a health magazine mentions fat contained olive oil, avocados, dark chocolate, and nuts are called "good" fats or scientific terms commonly known as monounsaturated fat (MUFA). By adding these foods to one or a menu of snacks you eat every day turned out very well for the success of the diet flatten the stomach area.

2. Calorie calculations
Joined the diet program would require that you comply with the recommended calorie intake. "Basic program is a special diet for stomach 1600 per day. The portion of this calorie based diet Mediterranean style. The recommended foods include include fruits, vegetables, rice, lean protein and very little red meat. Suggested red meat is only consumed once a month, "adds Cynthia Saas. For the record, on the first day until the 28th day, the recommended amount of calories from 1200 to 1400 calories. After the 28th day, only then can raise the amount of calories to 1600 calories per day plus the added portion of the consumption of liquid beverages. Fluid is the water that are mixed with herbal ingredients such as lemon juice or cucumber.

3. Stay away from Harmful Foods
Stress often fail because the diet? Could be because the unwitting "bad" food diet destroyers still frequently consumed every day. Well, so you do not want to diet again disturbed, avoid foods such as sugar, junk food, carbonated drinks, white flour, and beer. Perhaps initially a little heavy to follow the diet instructions on this one. Tried it with a gradual manner. Initially, reduce food intake gradually until eventually can be completely avoided.

4. Benefits of Probiotics
Start your day by eating foods or drinks that contain fiber or probiotics are usually widely available in yogurt, tempeh, buttermilk, and tauco. In addition to helping balance the intestinal flora, probiotics compounds also help improve the digestive process thus preventing constipation. And indirectly, probiotic formula will obviously help a special diet is successful more quickly.

5. Plain Water
You might think there was no relation between the water and diet program. Make no mistake! Lack of water is not only bad for health. Additionally, it will affect the body's metabolic processes and this will determine the success of your diet. Try a day you mimum at least 8 glasses of water. Make sure the water you drink has been through the sterilization process, even better if you choose bottled water.

6. Options Menu
His name is also a diet. So you can not haphazardly choose the menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks are also his. As an alternative example of the recommended diet menus, breakfast, consumption of just one apple and almond oatmeal. For lunch, you can choose a cheese sandwich that can add up to one ounce of beef, plus a fresh drink of wine mixed with tomato juice. Dinner, 3 ounces of tuna steak with almond sauce. This menu can be varied provided that comply with the limits prescribed standards of calories.

The Wrong Diet

1. starve: starve will cause our metabolism decreases, leading to slowing the burning of fat, and it lowers our energy everyday, so we'll feel less fit, sluggish. Hunger is also a sign of our empty stomachs and our blood sugar is low
whereas our brains need it. If passed, we will begin to feel pusing.Yang really is to eat 5-6x a day, three normal meals and three snacks to boost your metabolism to remain high.

2. Skip Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal for our body. Once we sleep 8 hours without any nutrients at all, our bodies need nutrients at breakfast and also to face a long day filled with energy. Skipping breakfast makes your body catabolic, which is the body trying to take energy by taking from our muscles.

3. No Dinner: Assume that we want to sleep koq even eat. Indeed, in bed we do not need many calories, especially we do not need high carbohydrate. But we need much protein as we sleep, because when we
sleep, growth hormone will come out, the body will improve
all body cells are damaged and the most important raw material is protein. Protein intake should be about 2-3 hours before bedtime.
Karbohidrate most late 4 hours before bedtime.

4. Not eating after exercise: Eating after exercise is assumed that our sport will be in vain. Discharged directly burned koq filled. Though eating after exercise is important for our bodies to eat. It is advisable to drink the protein and carbohydrate maximum 15 minutes after exercise, and eat real food maximal 1 hour after exercise to repair the body after exercise.

5. Lack of drinking water: Lack of drinking water turned out to make the body hold more water in the body and cause additional weight and lack of drinking water also led to less nutrient metabolism or digestion running smoothly. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day.

6. Crash Diet: Fat has an important function in our body, helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K. If not we eat fat at all, eat our body will lack these vitamins and cause more serious illness. Not eating carbs is also very dangerous because your body needs carbohydrates for the main energy source. Our brains also need it for energy. Disarankanadalah a balanced diet which, rather than one which forbids any kind of nutrition.

7. Assign Cheat day (eat freely): Define cheat day like this is considered as a special reward or gift after we made it through six days earlier with a strict diet. Diet is actually a regular diet, providing a cheat day will be programmed our brains that six days earlier was a day full of misery. This pattern, if passed, will gradually make us tired of dieting and finally release the dijalanin dietary patterns and make our overall diets fail. Suppose your diet is a lifestyle not a demand or pressure from anyone.

Ways for Slimming

There are many ways to lose weight, ranging from the various methods of diet, exercise, liposuction surgery, acupuncture, slimming medicine to drink. Which is safe and effective?

Referring to the world health agency, WHO, noted that a good weight loss can not be done instantly, but it is a long-term therapy. All it takes to lose weight not just reduce the size of the meal, but also needed guidance from a nutritionist before making dietary changes, along with physical activity and behavioral therapy.

To find out how slimming where a healthy, safe, and effective, please read the following descriptions to complete.


How to remove the fat that is now the trend is surgery liposuction and tummy-tuck. This operation was chosen because the weight can be decreased drastically without the need to tired to exercise and diet, it is proved by the testimony of a famous artist. But why do so even though the fat is removed, his body is still too stretchy?

Basically, liposuction is surgery to remove fat under the skin, and made to achieve harmony of body, not to lose weight. While tummy-tuck is the removal of excess fatty tissue and overlying skin to form a more aesthetic body. Fat should not be reduced any more than 3-5 kg ​​once operations

According to nutrition specialist, dr.Johanes Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, both types of operations are usually performed on patients who have a doctor's body sagged after her body weight decreased. So, to lose weight before surgery, not surgery to lose weight because after 3 months the body will be fat again.

Gastric binding & gastric by-pass

This action is selected if any slimming method did not work. Gastric binding is the installation tool "stomach binder" which causes a smaller stomach pouch so that we will not eat too much because your body feel full faster. Through this act of weight loss can be reduced by 35-60 percent in 12 months.

Unlike the gastric temporary binding, gastric bypass is permanent, the physician will make a 'road' liaison between the base of the stomach to the small intestine so that food through the stomach but not directly into the small intestine. With gastric bypass, weight loss can be reduced to 80 percent. To perform these two types of action, patients should be aged over 35 years.


Until now akunpuntur method has not been scientifically proven to lose weight. Generally, the patients had stopped in the middle of the road because it did not get the ideal weight expected.

Drugs and supplements slimming

Prior to believe by the lure of advertising, you should first carefully the content of drugs and supplements. Oversight bodies the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even forbade the consumption of slimming supplements containing ephedrine content akftif E.sinica or because it has side effects of psychiatric symptoms, interfere with the digestive tract and makes the heart pounding.

Although states could reduce levels of fat, not a slimming drug that is only able to reduce body weight of 1.2 kg for 6-14 weeks, equivalent to redah calorie diet for 1250/hari at 0.5-week period without any medication.

Popular Diets

Popular diets often referred to as "Fad Diets", has a characteristic, among others; promising rapid weight loss, can cure many diseases, recommends the use of supplements, eating on time, limit or prohibit certain foods and only for a period of view.

Which can be classified into fad diets such as low-carb diet, food combining, based on blood type diet, mayo clinic diet. Because the number of prohibitions to eat certain foods, usually the body's nutritional needs are not met because of lack of vitamins, iron, and fiber.

In terms of nutrition, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are encouraged to eat foods that vary in the amount of balance, because the body needs various nutrients as well.

Lose weight in a healthy

Although no definitive answer which one is most appropriate diet to lose weight, but dr. John recommends a dietary pattern that carried out by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) in the U.S.. NWCR is a data set of people (there are 4000 people) who have lost weight over 13 kg and persisted for more than 5 years.

Characteristic diet is low in fat (24 percent of calorie intake), intake of high carbohydrate, low calorie (1300-1500 kcal / day). Because we do not know how many calories are contained in food, dr.Johanes suggested to reduce the intake is smaller than normal portions.

"To reduce 500 calories per day is easy anyway, as if eating gado-gado, peanut sauce and reduce kerupuknya, prefer white rice instead of fried rice, and so on", the advice that doctors who practice in hospitals. St.Boromeus, Bandung.

Described by dr.Johanes, the majority of the members listed in NWCR do eat breakfast regularly, monitor their own weight and exercising regularly. With low-fat diet low in calories such as these have proven to reduce weight over 13 kg and can be maintained for more than 5 years.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Recent data suggest that cancer deaths in women still showed the highest point. "Especially breast cancer ranked second leading cause of death in women, after cervical cancer," said Dr.. Asrul Harsal, Sp.PD, KHOM, in Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 5).

However, according to him, breast cancer was not only the monopoly of women. Men can also experience it. Although the numbers are relatively small with only about one percent of the total Indonesian men present. Asrul also noted that breast cancer in women should be aware early on because it can lead to death. "The first breast cancer cells can grow into tumors of 1 cm within 8-12 years," he said.

Cancer cells are silent in the mammary gland, can then spread through the bloodstream throughout the body. As for when the deployment is going, until now not a lot of technology that is able to know. "Breast cancer cells can hide inside our bodies for years without the owner knowing, and suddenly become active malignant tumor or cancer."

Early Detection

The only effective way he thought until now only with detection as early as possible on the possibility of this disease. "Until now the only way to detect breast cancer is to make efforts Realize (breast self-examination-ed)," said Asrul again.

This action is said is very important, because nearly 85% of breast lumps are found by the patient himself. Even in normal women, the American Cancer Society recommends that women aged over 20 years to do Realize every three months, aged 35-40 years mammogram, over 40 years of checking up on the specialists, more than 50 years of routine checkups and mammography every year, and for women at high risk of more frequent doctor's examination and routine.

Asrul also describes the treatment of breast cancer which was agreed by oncologists in the world can go through several stages. At the stage of stage I, surgery and chemotherapy.

While on-stage phase II surgery, which is then followed by chemotherapy plus hormonal. If the stage has reached phase III operations must be carried out, followed by chemotherapy plus radiation and hormonal. "Meanwhile, when it had reached stage IV chemotherapy followed by radiation and hormonal," he added.

To an advanced stage, after the treated patients the longest life expectancy is four years. For patients who are in the process of treatment, surgical removal of the tumor performed in all parts of the breast, either right or left. Asrul also added that the women actually do not have to worry about the awkwardness of his body, because it is now available made from silicon breasts similar to original breast.


From the results of the WHO expert consultation report / FAO in 2003 stated that the total cancer cases between 2000 and 2020 in developing countries is estimated to soar up to 73%, whereas in developed countries increased to 29%. The warning should be a determination to apply the principle of prevention is better than cure. In addition to doing physical activity, preventive measures can also be done by implementing a balanced diet.

From epidemiological studies have revealed, the consumption of vegetables is more effective in lowering cancer risk compared with fruits. One of the vegetables that are effective in preventing cancer is a group of cabbage.

Included in the cabbage family Brassicaceae plants or better known as Cruciferae. Family includes a variety of vegetables, eg cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, and turnips. Egg white cabbage or cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. Capita L) is a cabbage favored by society because it tastes good, fresh, crunchy and cheaper than with broccoli and cauliflower. These vegetables are not only familiar to an Indonesian vegetable dish, but also by Chinese residents of Singapore, even the average consumption reached 40 g / day or three times higher than the Americans. While the Japanese people prefer horseradish that the average intake of 55 g / day.

From some of the results of epidemiological studies, Park and Pezzuto (2002) in the journal Cancer and Metastasis Reviews (2002) reported that the consumption of cabbage such as white and red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnips, celery and water can reduce the risk of type bergagai cancers, namely breast cancer, prostate, kidney, colon, bladder and lungs. In prostate cancer, consumption of three or more servings of these vegetables can lower risk than consumption of only one serving per week. Similarly, Brassica vegetable consumption of 1-2 servings / day has been reported to reduce breast cancer risk by 20-40%.

Carcinogens and detoxification

As is well known, in principle the three stages of growth of cancer cells, namely initiation; the early stages of the destruction of the DNA of cells, proliferation, and progression. At this early stage there are at least two factors that can cause cancer of the formation of free radicals and carcinogens.

Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer. Most of the carcinogens in the food that enters the body is in the form procarcinogen. Furthermore, by phase I enzymes produced by the liver, the compound was cut into procarcinogen compounds are carcinogens that can damage / mutate a cell's DNA, which is the initiation stage of cancer growth.

Four procarcinogen commonly present in food is a mycotoxin, a toxin or toxins produced by fungi, especially Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium, and nitrosamida nitrosamines (N-nitroso compounds), found in fried bacon, dried meat, and cigarette smoke, polycyclic hydrocarbons aromatics that can form on meat that is roasted with charcoal embers kerosene, and amino acid pyrolysis products, such as heterocyclic aromatic amino acids, resulting from incomplete combustion during cooking fish or meat.

Since the formation of carcinogens from procarcinogen catalyzed by phase I, then the effective measures that can be done is to inhibit the enzyme production rate of phase I and phase II enzymes that spur is also produced by the liver to transport carcinogens out of cells.

The main mechanism of cancer chemopreventive by vegetable cabbage is explained in two ways: reduction in carcinogenicity conducted by both the enzyme that blocks the activation of the formation of metabolites of carcinogens and increase carcinogen detoxification.

Isothiosianat known compounds can play a role in the first step or both. Some of these compounds are inhibitors of tumorigenesis in various animal models, especially in lung cancer and esophagus that has been induced by tobacco products. Most prevention mechanisms through inhibition of cytochrome P450 enzymes. Cytochrome P450 1A2 is believed to catalyze N-oxidation of 4-aminophenyl, 2-nafthilamin, mycotoxins, and some aromatic acids, such as heterocyclic aromatic amino acids, potentially cancer-causing.

Paul Talalay, Johns Hopkins pharmacological sulforafan confirms that there is lots in broccoli (37-75 mg/100 g) are known to increase the production of phase II enzymes in the liver. This enzyme plays took carcinogenic substances produced from the compound procarcinogen and dragged him out of the cell.

In mice as experimental animals, Greenwald (1996) reported sulforafan can block the formation of breast cancer. Furthermore, he menggungkapkan dithiolthion synthesis called oltipraz can inhibit the growth of lung cancer, colon, mammary gland, urinary bladder in experimental animals. Dithiolthion compounds also found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. These types of phytochemicals in action allegedly able to activate the enzymes produced by the liver, especially to reduce the toxicity of carcinogens in the bloodstream.

Wary of Chemicals

In the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Toxicology reported a chemical called 4-nonylphenol is a hazardous material that could trigger breast cancer in some rats. However, these laboratory experiments still need further studies to humans. Because what happens in mice may not necessarily occur in humans. For that community is expected to indirectly panik.Dr William Baldwin and his team from the University of Texas at El Paso and Clemson University in South Carolina found that 4-nonylphenol (4-NP) affect the performance of the hormone estrogen in some mice. With the intake of 4-NP was given in various doses, the body of the female rats experienced the growth of breast cancer. The majority of developing breast cancer within 32 weeks.

Having analyzed these chemicals turned out to stimulate the production of the hormone estriol estriol increased lever.Produksi make the cancer grow complex tissues in female mice. "Exposure to chemicals 4-NP in the long run will certainly trigger breast cancer," explained Dr.Baldwin as quoted by BBC News Online recently ini.Bahan 4-NP chemical that allegedly contained dangerous in paint, pesticides and cleaning products quite familiar with everyday human activity.

So far the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has set the UK chemicals such as nonylphenol and bisphenol a toxic chemical that can affect the performance of the hormone. While the hormones estrogen and estriol had been long known to be associated closely with breast cancer. Estrogen is known as a receiver or a hormone receptor on breast cancer are easily overgrown. The higher performance of this hormone, the sooner the development of cancer.

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