Broccoli Prevent Prostate Cancer

Broccoli, which is often used for stir-frying the cabbage family that is closely related to cauliflower. It turned out that the study of the journal Oncology, said that broccoli contains the phytonutrients sulforaphane and indoles which have anticancer effects.

Research on indole-3-carbinol proved, these components help to reduce the active metabolite of the potent estrogen in increasing the risk of tumor growth. Especially in cancer cells that are sensitive to estrogen and simultaneously raise the levels of 2-hidroksiestrone, a form of estrogen that are protective against the presence of cancer.

According to research, indole-3-carbinol is not only suppress the growth of breast cancer cells, but also suppress the spread of cancer cells to other organs.

The experts also found that sulforaphane increases the enzymes that detoxify the body by cleaning up carcinogenic substances more quickly than the body. Researchers at Johns Hopkins examined the effects of sulforaphane on some kinds of tumors.They were able to prove that the tumor weight decreases and the slower growing, even smaller.

Not only that, sulforaphane also have the ability to reduce cell growth and cell death in leukemia and melanoma cells. Even the research studies published in the journal Carcinogenesis of Rutgers University states that sulforaphane provide special protection to individuals who have a gene susceptible to colon cancer.

Another study published in Cancer, a journal of the American Cancer Society stated that the indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which is a component of Brassica such as broccoli and cabbage have been identified as a component of anti-cancer agent against certain reproductive tumor cells.

A study investigating the effect of I3C on cell cycle and proliferation in human prostate cancer cells showed that the prostate cancer cell growth is inhibited. The researchers claim that this can be recorded as a result of studies showing that "I3C has the potential antiproliferative effect" on prostate cancer cells, which qualifies as a "potential chemotherapeutic agent" against prostate cancer so?Still hesitant to eat broccoli?

Cell Phone Radiation Damage Sperm Sells

Phone ringing sound in your pants pocket can be a danger alarm for sperm cells. According to a study that found cell phone radiation hazards on the quality of sperm.

Some research has shown men sperm count cell phone users have fewer, more slow moving and damaged, compared with men who did not use the phone. But actually the problem is where to store the cell phone.

About two months ago researchers from South Africa found the man who brought his cell phone on your hip or in front pants pocket has a slower sperm in swimming and also less concentrated. Both are very influential on a man's fertility.

Latest study on the effects of radiation conducted by researchers from Turkey to the subject of human sperm cells stained in the cup which was given exposure to mobile phone radiation for an hour. Exposure causes the sperm to be abnormal, so the difficulty reaching the egg.

\ "You should be aware of this research by a man who was still in the reproductive age and used to put a cell phone in his trouser pocket, \" says Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., director of the University of California, Berkeley's Center for familiy and Community Health.

Another study conducted on mice also gave alarming results. The researchers placed mice in a special cage with a mobile phone is placed 2 inches from the bottom of the cage.

Once adjacent to the cell phone 6 hours every day for 18 weeks, the researchers found the percentage of live sperm decreased 25 percent, from 70 percent previously. Besides sperm cells the mice were also stuck together so it can not fertilize an egg.

Moskowitz said the results of this study have not reached a conclusion because the mechanism of radiation on changes in sperm cells is unknown.

One theory says the phone will heat up when in use so that it will increase the temperature around the male genital organs when stored in a pants pocket.

Another hypothesis states that it is concerned with electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones. Both the cell body or cell phones emit electromagnetic frequency and high frequency radiation will be absorbed by the body to the network thereby increasing the molecular motion in the cell body.

Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

When the body feels tired, we certainly hope straight to bed. Unfortunately, not everyone can just sleep easy. For them, sleeping pills seemed comparable with rest of the night. However, be aware that studies have linked sleep dangers of drug consumption in the long run.

Sleeping pills were not merely making a deep sleep. Dr. Genevieve Belleville research from Canada suggests that those who used sleeping pills drank three or more tablets have an increased risk of death more quickly than people who do not take sleeping pills. Another impact of the use of sleeping pills are the chronic health problems, such as addiction to alcohol or cigarettes, as well as the possible cause of depression.

Side effects of sleeping pills are attracted the attention of researchers because many OTC sleeping pills. In the UK, an estimated 10 million sleeping pills are prescribed every year. Sleeping pills that can be sold freely it usually contain antihistamines are high, as is commonly prescribed by doctors, such as Valium.

The case is considered crucial. Therefore, the researchers did not differentiate between the scale weight sleeping drug users and those who occasionally use them. "These drugs are not candy and can bring them in danger," said Belleville.

Based on research for 12 years and analyzed more than 12,000 data in Canada, Dr. Belleville stated that the death rate and significantly higher for users of sleeping pills and those taking medication to reduce anxiety.

After taking into account levels of alcohol and tobacco on physical health, physical activity, and depression, Dr. Belleville found that sleeping pills are able to increase the 36 percent risk of death. "They are also more susceptible to any kind of disease from parasites to cancer," said Dr. Belleville.

Other findings of the side effects of sleeping pills is also not to be taken lightly. "Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety effect on reaction time and coordination so as to make a person more easily falls and accidents," he said.

For those who have problems with heart, Belleville found that sleeping pills can suppress the respiratory system that will aggravate breathing problems during sleep. "These drugs are also working on the central nervous system that affects the assessment and mood. There is a danger of these drugs increase suicide risk," he said.

He said, cognitive behavioral therapy has shown good results in treating insomnia and anxiety. Therefore, the physician can discuss these therapies with their patients systematically as an option. "Combining pharmacological approaches in the short term psychological treatment is a promising strategy to reduce anxiety and promote sleep," said Dr. Belleville.

Nevertheless, these studies have been criticized. Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University said the research still needs to be studied further. "It is also questionable reaction to what happens when people do not use sleeping pills," he said.

The study, published in the Journal of Psychiatry, Canada, is sourced from the National Health Survey of Canada. The participants included people aged 18 to 102 years and surveyed every two years between 1994 and 2007.

Benefits of Cold Showers

Hot shower or warm water feels really nice and comfortable. Imagine if you went home after a day of activities, riding public transportation to shoulder with others, with a hot shower feels will make all the dirt and tiredness vanished.

However, not only the comfort obtained after a hot shower, but also a sense of regret. Therefore, the hot water turned out to make dry skin and wrinkles easily. Therefore, the hot water to break down the natural oils found on the skin. On the other hand, although it seems scary to some, a cold shower turned out to provide many benefits. Here are four of them:

1. Better blood circulation
Warmer water will drain blood to the skin, while the cold water drain blood to the organs of the body. Changes between hot and cold this will trigger a better circulation in the blood, by forcing blood to move. You are advised to change the hot and cold water several times, and end bath with cold water to help blood circulation.

We need to ensure good blood circulation as this can prevent a variety of conditions, such as hypertension, hardening of the arteries, and veins protruding legs (varicose veins). Good blood circulation will improve our systems, while making us more attractive appearance.

2. More shiny face
Hot water vapor will tend to open up the pores. With the pores open, the dirt will be easier to clean. However, after washing your face, you should close the pores again open with would throw cold water on her face. Wash face clean with cold water will also prevent clogged pores, dirt and grease, which causes skin problems like acne. In addition, cold water also makes blood vessels constrict, thereby reducing the swelling and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The result, skin will look more shiny.

3. Healthier hair
As has been said before, the hot water will open the pores. Imagine if the pores on your scalp open, so the hair would fall out easily. Conversely, cold water will close the cuticle that causes hair to become stronger and prevent the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Stronger hair also will not easily uprooted when you comb it, and naturally slow hair loss. Not only that, the cold water also makes your hair more shiny. Therefore, cold water does not remove the natural oils found on the scalp and hair.

4. Fitter body
Want to start the day with a fresh and fit body? Wash with cold water, because cold water will help to "wake up" the nerves in your body. After a cold shower, you are also more able to cope with the cold air outside the home. This is in contrast with the hot water bath, which will make the body become limp. That is why, a night shower with hot water makes you ready to sleep soundly.

Cold water bath will leave you energized and strengthen the entire essence of your life. You become more alert and energetic.

If you have not used a cold water bath, try this way gradually. For example, by starting to reduce levels of warmth that you use while bathing. Slow down, make them more or less warmth, cold start, and finally cool completely. Start with legs flushed first, slowly flushed the upper body. When you are accustomed, you will conquer the sense of "fear" in cold water. Later, you will not even have time to think about whether the water is cold or not.

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